BRIDGE - Building Relationships In Diverse Global Environments

An International Friendship Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

The BRIDGE international friendship program helps international students connect with U.S. students to assist with the initial adjustment to the university and to the new culture. It is also an opportunity to become a part of an engaging and positive community composed of U.S. and international students.

Upon arrival in the U.S., international students may be confronted with culture shock, language barriers, isolation, and other obstacles. By pairing international students with U.S. partners, the BRIDGE program aims to ease the transition of international students to college life at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and create a friendship in the process with domestic and international students.

In addition, BRIDGE also works as an intercultural exchange program, helping to educate U.S. students about other countries and global opportunities in a fun environment through their international partner. U.S. students can learn about cultural diversity and intercultural communication in an open, friendly atmostphere.